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  Nick Thomas 08d80cc661
Update README.md with a link to the features board 1 year ago
  Nick Thomas 042b644eb3
Add AGPLv3 licensing 1 year ago
  Nick Thomas 6b17c216a1
imap: ListMessages: handle body viewing, etc 1 year ago
  Nick Thomas 21c6e571d8
Update vendor/ 1 year ago
  Nick Thomas 3e5ab5bb0a
Correctly handle LISTMESSAGES and STATUS commands using SeqNum instead of UID 1 year ago
  Nick Thomas 22f6eeacd7
Horrible hack for bad architecture 1 year ago
  Nick Thomas a3c2508160
Convert from BoltDB to Maildir storage for emails 1 year ago
  Nick Thomas d25ed6c1bd
Update vendor/ 1 year ago
  Nick Thomas 4f5e3ed906
Start talking about Maildir. It makes sense 1 year ago
  Nick Thomas 3c52b23723
Extremely WIP, but now messages appear in the evolution list pane 2 years ago
  Nick Thomas b661b4a978
Extremely WIP - expose a hardcoded INBOX to IMAP. Messages do not show in evolution yet 2 years ago
  Nick Thomas b4537d1283
Get as far as storing an incoming mail in crockery.db 2 years ago
  Nick Thomas be7ca459a5
Reorganize the store, add a FindAccounts method 2 years ago
  Nick Thomas 442ca833ea
Gut the Session interface 2 years ago
  Nick Thomas 1d0fdec642
Split the concrete SMTP struct into separate MSA and MTA implementations 2 years ago
  Nick Thomas 2ac0975dfc
Disable SMTP AUTH on the MTA port 2 years ago
  Nick Thomas 26c702b11c
Get receiving email a step closer with a modified go-smtp 2 years ago
  Nick Thomas 697e90ab99
Forbid logins on the SMTP-STARTTLS port 2 years ago
  Nick Thomas bf9df9fc9f
Add the wildcard field to accounts 2 years ago
  Nick Thomas 32df489b50
Make IMAP and SMTP sessions check for passwords 2 years ago
  Nick Thomas 5aa6607746
Make add a postmaster user and check for its existence on 2 years ago
  Nick Thomas 4973a683fb
Split crockery init and crockery run into separate files 2 years ago
  Nick Thomas a91b2654d9
Add the beginnings of IMAP session management 2 years ago
  Nick Thomas 2c81675578
Add the beginnings of SMTP session management 2 years ago
  Nick Thomas 6ac949e395
Minor documentation updates 2 years ago
  Nick Thomas 3ad8c6f59f
First split into `crockery init` and `crockery run` 2 years ago
  Nick Thomas bf1ca421aa
Hack in command-line specification of domain, cert and key 2 years ago
  Nick Thomas 811b90224f
Initial commit 2 years ago