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flexnbd - A fast NBD server


flexnbd MODE [ ARGS ]

flexnbd serve --addr ADDR --port PORT --file FILE [--sock SOCK]
[--default-deny] [--killswitch] [global_option]* [acl_entry]*

flexnbd listen --addr ADDR --port PORT --file FILE [--sock SOCK]
[--default-deny] [global_option]* [acl_entry]*

flexnbd mirror --addr ADDR --port PORT --sock SOCK [--unlink]
[--bind BIND_ADDR] [global_option]*

flexnbd acl --sock SOCK [acl_entry]+ [global_option]*

flexnbd break --sock SOCK [global_option]*

flexnbd status --sock SOCK [global_option]*

flexnbd read --addr ADDR --port PORT --from OFFSET --size SIZE
[--bind BIND_ADDR] [global_option]*

flexnbd write --addr ADDR --port PORT --from OFFSET --size SIZE
[--bind BIND_ADDR] [global_option]*

flexnbd help [mode] [global_option]*


Flexnbd is a fast NBD server which supports live migration. Live
migration is performed by writing the data to a new server. A failed
migration will be invisible to any connected cl