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Ruby Netlink

This library provides an API for using a Linux Netlink socket, for doing
things like manipulating IP interfaces and routes programmatically, and
capturing packets from ULOG.


require 'linux/netlink/route'
ip =

# Info about eth0 interface

# Addresses on eth0 interface
ip.addr.list(:index=>"eth0") do |addr|
puts addr.address

See the examples/ and test/ directories for more examples.


ruby 1.9 (tested with ruby 1.9.2), OR ruby 1.8.7 with the ffi library.

Code organisation

There are separate classes for each Netlink protocol providing a high-level
API. These all in turn use the NLSocket class, which has methods for adding
the headers to messages and sending them over a socket. The messages
themselves are built using class Message or RtattrMessage, which in turn are
subclasses of CStruct, which performs the low-level packing and unpa