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Nick Thomas 00ce004ae5 Skeletor of integrating em-bitcoin with sharpcoin.
The server process actually runs now(!) - although it does nothing
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For now: See doc/AIMS

Currently, nothing is interesting. 

Here's a general idea of the order in which i'm going to be implementing things.
Note that nothing is set in stone here. Also, parallelism is to be expected as
I get bored of one thing and so start on another.

  * Basic em-bitcoin functionality, dragging along btc_wire_proto as I go
    - Build the full block chain from scratch
    - Be able to send transactions to others
    - Wallets
  * HTTP interface for wallets, users
    - Client-side transaction signing
  * Bitcoin RPC interface for interop with existing management tools
  * Simple market for registered users
    - Multiple currency support (GBP to start, then euro, then dollar)
    - Integration for various put-cash-into-the-market services (wire transfer, to start)

Once those bits are in, polish them 'till they gleam. Then start on the other bits.