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Aspirational licensing for a non-existent project

Nick Thomas 4 years ago
Signed by: lupine
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# Cadmium
## Introduction
Cadmium is a fork of the [Caddy HTTP server](
I like caddy. I don't like telemetry. I especially don't like telemetry that
stays enabled even if you pass the "disable telemetry" option.
Rather than sticking with 0.10 for the rest of my life, I need to build my own
binaries, perhaps with a few small tweaks. That's what this project is for.
Another fork - called [Wedge]( - exists,
but was created to solve a different problem and hasn't been updated beyond 0.10
## Implementation
The code in here isn't actually the whole caddy tree, forked. That's hard to
maintain. Instead, it's a set of scripts - and *possibly* a few small patches -
that can take a git reference, check out the Caddy source tree, and produce a
binary from it. The binary is named `cadmium`, but it still reads a `Caddyfile`.
A hard-coded list of modules is compiled in. Open an issue or merge request if
you'd like a module to be added to that list, I don't mind.
## Licensing
Caddy licenses downloaded binaries under some
[peculiar terms]( for binaries you
download directly from them. I'm under no obligation to follow the same terms
for cadmium, and indeed I don't. My terms are a **lot** more peculiar.
Individuals and [social enterprises](
(or equivalent category elsewhere in the world) may use and redistribute the
binaries under the same terms you received them.
In the event of a disagreement about whether a particular case matches these
terms, the view of the Cadmium author prevails.
Note that social enterprises can - and frequently do - engage in commercial
activities. It's OK to be selling things and using Cadmium, as long as you meet
the above definition.
If you're **not** covered by the above, you should instead compile your own, or
purchase a commercial license from
[the good folks at Caddy](
No license currently exists for the files in this repository, which means they
are "All Rights Reserved". As a courtesy, and in the spirit of openness, you are
permitted to view them, including the necessary making of any transient copies
required to do so. Using them to generate a binary, or derivative works in
general, is prohibited.
Gosh, this licensing stuff is hard.