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This project is intended as a Tapatalk-to-Discourse bridge, with the primary aim of allowing mobile users to receive push notifications of updates in a Discourse forum.

It's implemented as a Tapatalk-compliant XMLRPC endpoint that talks to a Discourse instance using its REST API. Keeping both services at arms-length should have some benefit.

The primary motivation is for the new York Minxters roller derby forum, so some of this might end up being a bit rough and ready. We'll see.

It is, in fact, rough and not-yet-ready. Current setup needs all the commits in https://github.com/lupine/discourse_api , sinatra, chronic, http-cookie, maybe some other bits.

To get it running, I'm using rackup to get a HTTP server up. I then use nginx with a proxy_pass directive to send http://my-forum/mobiquo/mobiquo.php to the server.

Current status: Reading topics, viewing the category list, posting new topics and replying to exists topics all works, either as a guest or as a logged-in user. The official Android and iPhone clients work, as does Forum Fiend. Convo works for logging in and the cateogry list, but doesn't want to show topics in categories or allow posts. Yet.

Big TODO: Push notifications. There's some work in there, but this part of the plugin API is completely undocumented by Tapatalk. Joy.