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Nick Thomas 2 years ago
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title = "Athens, Greece"
date = "2009-09-13"
tags = ["travel", "greece"]
categories = ["Travel"]
#### Itinerary
| | |
| --- | ---------- |
| **Leaving** | 2009-09-13, Manchester International Airport |
| **Accomodation** | Some grimy 2* |
| **Returning** | 2009-09-20, Athens International Airport |
#### Thoughts
My first trip abroad!
I'm writing this from a decade later, so my memory of events isn't as good as it
could be. Some things I definitely remember:
Waking up in the EXTREMELY CHEAP 2* hotel the day after getting in, and realising
what 2* actually means. The breakfast was... not good.
We visited the main tourist-y sites in Athens, and generally had a good time.
Dogs and cats everywhere. Wiped out by the sun, just like we were.
We went to the Acropolis, and while all the ancient history was very nice, the
modern day was quite sad - looking down on the city from the slopes, there was
an overwhelming sense of squalor and human misery. Very cheerful. Trash was
everywhere too.
One day, we jumped on the tram and went to the beach, south of Athens proper. It
was not a very good beach...
Another day, we went to the national park and zoo. I recall a tiny kitten that
insisted on climbing up my leg while we ate at the café there. Most enjoyable.
Most of the money was spent on eating out - I did not budget well! On the final
day, we were completely out of money, so got to the airport with about 8 hours
until the flight. Poor, exhausted, but happy.